Startups originate in an opportunity and a few entrepreneurs with courage; but are made great through love. Love for the patients who await our therapy, love for one’s teammates, and love for the journey we share together. Love motivates the hard work that startups need, and the communication, cooperation, and mutual support that makes a team strong.

Angiex is looking for stars with heart. We are assembling a team of talented, versatile, creative biotech professionals seeking a meaningful opportunity to translate world-class science into an effectively curative therapy for cancer. We want every team member to share our founders’ passion.

At Angiex, hours can sometimes be long and work intense. But the rewards are great. At Angiex, the science is solid, the team is strong, and every day is exciting and new. If you want to be able to proudly tell your grandchildren, “I was employee number x at Angiex,” then we want to hear from you!

Career Opportunities

If you fit an open position, please contact us at If you don’t see a position that fits, but are exceptionally talented and eager for an opportunity to accomplish great things, please contact us as well. We want to get to know you.

Angiex has the following open positions:

Scientist – Cell Biology
Scientist - Preclinical Pharmacology
CMC and Regulatory Project Manager