Addressing the hallmarks of cancer lethality with
first-in-class ND-ADCs

Angiex is developing first-in-class Nuclear-Delivered Antibody-Drug Conjugates™ (ND-ADCs) to address the hallmarks of cancer lethality


No one should die of cancer


Exploiting novel biology to gain revolutionary power over cancer

Our Science

Our novel and first-in-class Nuclear- Delivered Antibody-Drug Conjugates™ (ND-ADCs) target an intracellular transporter called TM4SF1. TM4SF1 is highly expressed in the tumor micro- environment and carries proteins – and our antibodies – from the cell surface to the nucleus.

TM4SF1 has high expression across all solid tumors with a correlation to mortality. Expression is in both tumor cells and tumor vascular endothelium. Selective delivery to these cells may result in high therapeutic margin with little delivery to health tissue.

Exploiting the biology of TM4SF1 and the nuclear delivery of payloads may unlock exceptional efficacy through novel and potent mechanisms of action:

  • Antiangiogenesis (regression of angiogenic tumor vasculature)
  • Tumor cell killing (especially invasive and metastic tumor cells)
  • Immune activation

Angiex’s lead ND-ADC, AGX101, will soon be heading to the clinic, and a pipeline of additional ND-ADCs is in discovery-stage development.

Our Values

Driven by science

Curious with a purpose, truthful, committed to accuracy and reproducibility

Creative and courageous

Innovative, thoughtful, gritty, aiming high but rolling up our sleeves and tending to detail

Contributors without ego

Resourceful, flexible, self aware, generous to others, comfortable both as teacher and student

Respectful and inclusive

Team oriented, cooperative, communicative, and present for one another

For life, for all

Motivated to save lives, driven to bring good to patients, shareholders, and coworkers

Leadership team

Extensive oncology drug development and commercialization experience

Iain Dukes
Executive Chairman

  • Venture Partner, Orbimed Advisors
  • Experienced CEO and Executive Chair
  • Former SVP Business Development & Licensing at Merck and VP External R&D at Amgen

Paul Jaminet , PhD
Founder & President

  • Angiex founder. Raised $130M in capital in 3 companies
  • Former co-founder & executive in software technology, digital media, finance, and health businesses
  • PhD in Physics, University of California, Berkeley; Astrophysicist, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Shou-Ching Jaminet , PHD
Founder, Scientific Adviser

  • World’s leading expert in TM4SF1
  • Former Director, MGTP Laboratory, BIDMC, and Member of Faculty, Harvard Medical School

Hal Dvorak , MD
Founder, SAB Chair

  • Discovered VEGF-A
  • Mallinckrodt Distinguished Professor of Pathology emeritus, Harvard Medical School

Board of Directors

Iain Dukes

Paul Jaminet

Errik Anderson
Alloy Therapeutics

Jason Camm
Thiel Capital

Fabian Hansen
Presight Capital

Karen Chu
Fontus Capital

Dr Tina Neel
Neel Veterinary Hospital

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