Angiex Joins the Leaders in the Field of Antibody-Drug Conjugates at 13th Annual World ADC Meeting in San Diego

07 September 2022

Angiex, developer of Nuclear-Delivered Antibody-Drug Conjugate™ (ND-ADC) therapies for solid cancers, participated in the 13th Annual World ADC Meeting in San Diego, California. 

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — September 6, 2022:

During the meeting, the company provided an overview of its technology and near-term plans for its lead asset, AGX101, in its poster “AGX101 – A novel TM4SF1-directed ADC for the treatment of all solid tumors.”

Angiex is developing a TM4SF1-directed ADC, AGX101, which is entering Phase 1 trials. TM4SF1 is a novel ADC antigen that is highly expressed in tumor cells and tumor associated vascular endothelium, and is differentiated by its internalization to the nucleus. AGX101 has been shown to be potent both in vitro and in vivo, with an IC50 between 10-100 pM against various cell lines, and complete tumor regressions in multiple human tumor xenograft models in mice. AGX101 is the first in Angiex’s pipeline of Nuclear Delivery Antibody-Drug ConjugatesTM, and proof of concept for Angiex’s Nuclear Delivery PlatformTM

“We couldn’t be more excited about where we are today at Angiex,” said Marty J. Duvall, CEO of Angiex. “The advances and excitement being made in the field of antibody-drug conjugates was on full display at the World ADC Conference. With our impressive pre-clinical data, our potential to improve efficacy and therapeutic margin compared to traditional ADCs is clear, and we are now moving AGX101, our lead ND-ADC product, into clinical development.”

About Angiex

Angiex Inc. is a privately held biotech startup whose mission is to exploit newly discovered biological transport mechanisms to make drugs with revolutionary power over cancer. Based in Cambridge, Mass., Angiex was founded by a scientific team of leading experts in angiogenesis, vascular biology, and oncology. The company is developing a novel portfolio of Nuclear-Delivered Antibody-Drug Conjugates™ (ND-ADCs) that release therapeutic payloads directly into the nucleus or cytosol, where the site of payload action is located. This direct delivery holds the promise of enhancing the efficacy and therapeutic margin of conventional ADCs. The lead product, AGX101, has advanced through pre-clinical development and is about to begin Phase 1 clinical trials. To learn more about Angiex...