Angiex welcomes Marty J. Duvall, our new CEO

22 June 2022

Angiex Strengthens its Leadership Team with the Appointment of Marty J. Duvall as Chief Executive Officer

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — September 6, 2022:

Angiex, developer of Nuclear-Delivered Antibody-Drug Conjugate™ (ND-ADC) therapies for solid cancers, has appointed Marty J. Duvall as chief executive officer and member of its board of directors.

Duvall brings extensive global oncology drug development and commercialization experiences from executive leadership roles in both large pharmaceutical and biotech companies. At companies that include Aventis, Merck, MGI, and ARIAD, he built successful oncology companies with a footprint across the US, Europe, and Asia. With an oncology focus over the last three decades, Duvall has helped launch and drive many successful therapeutics that have benefited patients with a wide range of cancers, including breast, lung, prostate, gastric, head and neck, brain, melanoma, myelodysplastic syndrome, leukemia, and multiple myeloma.

Angiex Founder and President, Paul Jaminet, said, “Marty joins the Angiex team at the perfect time to help drive our company forward. Together with our scientific team of leading experts in angiogenesis, vascular biology, antibody-drug conjugate chemistry, and oncology, Marty will help fully realize the promise of our transformative biology and ND-ADC technology.”

“I couldn’t be more excited to join Angiex at this stage in the company’s young history. We have the opportunity to do something special here as we build on the exciting clinical results of the antibody-drug conjugate class,” said Marty J. Duvall. “Our pre-clinical data is impressive, our potential to improve efficacy and therapeutic margin compared to traditional ADCs is clear, and we are now moving AGX101, our lead ND-ADC product, into clinical development.”

Iain Dukes, executive chairman of Angiex and venture partner of Orbimed Advisors, said, “Bringing in an executive of Marty’s caliber is an important step for Angiex. AGX101and future drugs built on Angiex’s platform have the potential to transform the way cancer is treated, and Marty has the experience help make that happen.”

About Angiex

Angiex Inc. is a privately held biotech startup whose mission is to exploit newly discovered biological transport mechanisms to make drugs with revolutionary power over cancer. Based in Cambridge, Mass., Angiex was founded by a scientific team of leading experts in angiogenesis, vascular biology, and oncology. The company is developing a novel portfolio of Nuclear-Delivered Antibody-Drug Conjugates™ (ND-ADCs) that release therapeutic payloads directly into the nucleus or cytosol, where the site of payload action is located. This direct delivery holds the promise of enhancing the efficacy and therapeutic margin of conventional ADCs. The lead product, AGX101, has advanced through pre-clinical development and is about to begin Phase 1 clinical trials. To learn more about Angiex...