Angiex is developing antibody-based therapeutics against a novel target, TM4SF1 (Transmembrane-4 L Six Family member 1).  TM4SF1 is a membrane glycoprotein of tetraspanin topology that was originally discovered as a protein expressed on many human epithelial tumor cells. [1] In tumor cells, TM4SF1 supports growth, invasion, and metastasis. [2, 3] Angiex founders Hal Dvorak and Shou-Ching Jaminet identified TM4SF1 as an endothelial cell biomarker [4] with critical roles in support of angiogenesis, thereby establishing TM4SF1 as a dual (tumor vessel and tumor cell) therapeutic target in cancer. [5] TM4SF1 clusters in cell surface microdomains [6] and internalizes [7], making it a candidate target of antibody-drug conjugate therapy. 

The potential of anti-TM4SF1 antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) was tested in a preclinical collaboration between Pfizer and Angiex founders at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Anti-TM4SF1 ADCs effectively regressed xenograft tumors in mice. [8] 

An improved anti-TM4SF1 ADC would have potential to effectively treat all solid tumors. Creating such an agent is Angiex’s mission.


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